Invitely Prime has it all

Built for general contractors

Document management, sharing, permission controls and a tendering module. Contractors juggle a multitude of tasks, often time-consuming and routine. Prime eases the process with an interactive solution that brings efficiencies to the forefront.  You’ll find tendering tools that enable you to send out invitations, track them, use our handy bidder selection tools and much more.  With a quick set up by our team (and no fussy applications to install), Prime is ready to deliver value to any size project.

Let’s look at the Prime features:

Document management

Upload, download and move files files with a simple ‘cut and paste’ keyboard control. With built- in measurement and mark-up tools, Prime make management a cinch.

Document sharing

Every project has multiple parties and we’ve made sharing as simple and elegant as possible. From sending a custom file package, to seeing who has viewed, downloaded or modified a file, Prime keeps you on track.

Permission controls

Not all users are created equal, so Prime puts you firmly in control. Assign permissions, delete them, group them or alter them as the project moves forward.

Tendering module

Prime takes on this often time-crunching chore and gives you a quick way to send hundreds of invitations, a tracking system and a robust suite of selection tools.

Need a product comparison?

Check out our chart and see each product’s features.

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