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Created for general contractors and property developers. Designed to make construction project tendering as simple as possible. Created for architects and property developers to aid the sharing of documents and information throughout the project design phase.
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Document management module Simple but powerful web based tools for transferring and sharing documents between you and your users. v v
Document permission controlsComplete control over the users or groups that can view, access or transfer documents, right down to the folder level. v v
Document revision controls Maintain multiple versions of any given file and activate them when needed. v
Folder structure templates Define re-usable folder trees and restrict folder modification or creation to maintain complete control over your directory structure. v
Send documentsProblems with email attachment limits and bouncebacks? Try this instead - send up to 512mb of file attachments to anyone with an email address, and automatically track accesses and views. v v
Tendering toolsAutomated invitation, response, reminder and analysis tools to streamline your tendering processes. v
Prequalification moduleBased on industry standards like the CCDC11, the prequalification module helps you to validate contractor credentials with ease. v
Customizable landing pageA branded splash screen to make accessing your plansroom clear and simple to your users. v v
Free project archivalA dedicated backup solution without the cost of one. Even after your project is archived we'll keep a copy for you at no charge, just in case you need it. v v
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