02/01/2013, by Doug Bowker

Technology for AEC'ers - toy, tool or trouble?

Technology in the AEC industry - for non-techies!

Technology can either be fun or a pain in the neck, depending on how you approach it as a person and a business operator.  If you like to try new things, play with gadgets, prefer online to paper and aren't afraid of looking a little foolish from time to time, technology can be fun.  If your approach to life and business is to just get things done and move onto the next item on the list, at best technology can be a useful tool and at worst it can feel like a total distraction.


Believe it or not, this does not have to be an "either-or" situation. Even if you're not a techno-geek who always has to have the latest iPhone, iPad or BBerry Z-whatever with every app ever published, technology doesn't have to be just tolerated or maybe avoided.  It all depends on how you approach it.  You don't have to be a tech genius or even a big tech fan to do what successful business people have been doing for decades - focus on making your processes more efficient and your businesses more profitable.  If finding a more efficient and cost-effective way to run your business is what gives you a charge - both deep in your soul and in your wallet - technology can become a very positive and rewarding thing. 


Even if you're not a techie ninja you can master the use of technology as long as you are motivated to leverage whatever tools are available to help improve your business.  For example, if an online construction project  PlanRoom can speed up your project tendering process, eliminate errors and delays, and ensure everyone is using only the most recent version of your key documents, you just make web technology work for you.  You focus on improving business process flows like successful people have been doing forever, and if the right tool to do that for you happens to be the internet, so be it.  Technology doesn't have to be the objective or focus and certainly doesn't need to be a distraction, just a means to an end. Your projects, workflows and bottom line are the objectives; understand them clearly and let everything else play a supporting role as enablers in achieving them. 

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